BOLT Stories



BOLT Stories

A section of stories shared by the BOLT graduates to show you their learning innovation of blended and online learning and teaching. 

Keep your eyes open for more BOLT Stories and if you have a blended learning tale to tell, please CONTACT US


Dr. Lin Yang describes how her learners used online tools & techniques in an attempt to make anatomy and physiology fun and easy. The video outlines the process and includes reflection and insights into what worked best and also what the barriers and challenges are to successful integration into learning activities.


Dr. Archimedes David Guerra shares insights from his innovation on improving student engagement in marketing courses with Google Classroom along with some other tools and based on Kearsley and Shneiderman’s Engagement Theory.


Lei Mangubat presents on her experiences of implementing blended learning though the use of Padlet to analyze case studies with Physiotherapy students.


Indie Chung reports on his experiences of applying blended learning to a group of Psychology students. In this case study Indie reflects on developing a more interactive and engaging approach to learning, both in and out of the classroom.


Dr Veronika Schoeb from PolyU’s Department of Rehabilitation Sciences talks about the Learning Innovation that she developed on the BOLT Foundation Course and reflects on what blended learning could offer her learners.