IOL Module


Interactive Online Learning

This 15-day course will lead you through design considerations and implementation skills for e-learning at three different scales. We start by equipping you with the building blocks for creating your own videos. Then we’ll explore how to blend these into your on-campus teaching. In the last part of the course, you will experience the power of educational data and the utilities of learning analytics for improving learning experience. Once you’ve taken this course, you’ll approach online teaching with a broadened lens, and come away with the skills required to kick-start your e-learning journey.


You will:

  • Convert lecturing portions of traditional face-to-face course into video-lectures and design assessment components
  • Plan “face time” activities to enhance achievement of intended learning outcomes
  • Describe the utilities of learning analytics in enhancing learning effectiveness

Registration for the IOL Module is now closed. If you have questions, email HKU Technolgy-Enriched Learning Initiative at