HERDSA Dinner Dialogue: BOLT and beyond: blended learning across Hong Kong universities

The Blended & Online Learning & Teaching (BOLT) Project is a UGC-funded collaboration in which participating Hong Kong tertiary institutions look at developing online teaching and learning in Hong Kong. The project includes multiple different approaches, ranging from initiatives within a particular institution – such as Hong Kong Institute of Education’s grassroots approach to developing blended learning in a faculty, and Baptist University’s Faculty Professional Development Series of workshops – to more central elements, such as the BOLT foundation course, led by Polytechnic University and open to teachers from all participating universities. 

In this dinner discussion, first of all we’ll take a look at how the project’s different approaches are helping to build blended learning in Hong Kong tertiary institutions before opening up the discussion to the bigger issue of what our learners can gain from a blended approach and how institutions can help to support teaching staff in the process.

Arinna LeeComment